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How To Use


How To Setup:

This deep cover holster is attached to your belt on your dominant hand side utilizing a belt from 1" to 1 1/2" in size. (Optional placement: a cross draw position, appendix, or small of the back which will require an opposite handed holster) The Holster is attached to your belt with the leather side against your skin or against a T-Shirt. The clip will be the only visible part on the belt. Put on the holster without a firearm for ease of attachment. Once comfortable on the belt, use an unloaded firearm to place in holster and check fit. Use your unloaded firearm to safely draw and refit into holster. Tuck your shirt between the clip and the Kydex or leave your shirt untucked. Lastly, tip to desired cant for optimum comfort and access.

NOTE: Practice this process with an unloaded firearm and practice safe carry procedures always. DC Holsters will not be liable for unsafe use of any firearm which causes injury to any person or property.


Step 1


 1. Slide holster inside waistband.

Step 2


2. Clip on to a belt.

Step 3


3. Slide firearm into holster.

(test & practice with an unloaded firearm)

Step 4


4. Press down into holster.

Step 5


5. Side view of shirt untucked.

Step 6


6. Tuck shirt between clip and kydex holster.

Step 7


7. Side view tucked. See only clip.

Step 8


8. Lift shirt to draw.

Step 9


9. Reach for firearm & use opposite hand to hold up shirt.

Step 10


10. Draw firearm. Replace firearm and retuck shirt.


 Finished Look


Complete Concealment



NOTE: Your DC Holster is designed for a specific make and model of firearm. Use only that firearm in this holster and use all safe gun handling practices. DC Holsters will not be responsible for any damage or personal injury to you or your gun that is due to improper use or unsafe practices.

NOTE: This concealed carry holster must be used by those individuals with Concealed carry licenses and individuals that know the laws of their state and comply fully with those laws. See links below for details.