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A recent article entitled "DC Holsters - Deep Concealment, Definite Comfort, Downright Convenient" by Mark Kakkuri from USConcealedCarry.com

The “DC” in DC Holsters stands for “deepcover,” as the holster is meant to conceal a handgun under a tucked in shirt. It does this very well, easily hiding a Kimber Pro Carry II under a t-shirt, dress shirt, and dress slacks. For dress slacks however, you’ll need to have pants that can accommodate the extra space required by the holster. With other looser fitting pants, the DC Holster fits easily, and is concealed best at either the 3:30 or 4 o’clock positions. Read the entire article and much more at usconcealedcarry.com


Another recent email we have recieved:

Just wanted to let you know that after wearing this thing for the past month I'm very impressed.  It replaced a Comptact CTAC which I had difficulty concealing a G27 at times with.  I have no problems w/ my G22 now!  Thanks again for taking the time to get the fit just right for my aftermarket sights.  I'll be sure to spread the word to anyone who needs a good holster!


Check out the latest mention for DC Holsters in DefenseReview.com by David Crane. April 7, 2011 in “Featured, Holsters, Pistols”

David Crane writes “The brains and artistry behind DC Holsters is competitive shooter and gunsmith Greg Purcell…” Bottom line, this holster is the best IWB holster DefenseReview has ever used, and we highly recommend DC Holsters Leather/Kydex IWB holsters for anyone looking for a superlative ultra-concealment/deep cover holster for concealed carry (CCW), undercover law enforcement (LE), or LE Off-Duty Use.” Read the entire article and much more at DefenseReview.com


From one of our undercover Law Enforcement officers, name not given for his protection.

“As a law enforcement officer, I am always interested in gear that is more efficient and comfortable for daily use. As an officer involved in undercover operations, finding gear that fits that bill and is concealable is a real plus. The DC Holster is one of those pieces of gear. The leather backing forms to your body and keeps your firearm from digging into your side when seated. The clip used on the holster allows you to tuck your shirt in when you need to, while still keeping the firearm hidden from view. The kydex section of the holster is form fitted giving excellent retention and does not collapse like other holsters. This allows for quick re-holstering without fumbling around trying to get the firearm secured. This is THE holster that I carry on a daily basis. I would recommend this holster for daily carry without any hesitation. It is just a great piece of gear.”


This statement from another of our Law Enforcement Agents who performs as an undercover officer, name omitted for their protection.

"I am an active duty law enforcement officer and the proud owner and user of the IWB DC Holster. This holster is by far the most comfortable and user friendly holster I have ever used. I currently own two other holsters, neither of which are useful for much of anything. Either they are too bulky or you cannot re-holster without removing them completely. This holster fixes both of those issues."


Another of our customers very involved in tactical training as well as having worked at the upper end of the Executive Protection Arena.

“Over the last 20 years I have worn a number of inside the pants holsters. The DC holster is by far the most comfortable concealable holster I have worn. The ease of retrieving the pistol is very fast. The conceivability of the pistol is outstanding. Comfort is something I've had issues with on other concealable holsters. The DC holster is above anything else I have worn. I have come home after wearing the DC holster for 8 to 10 hours and forgotten take it off, because I didn't notice it was even on. In addition, the construction is well done and after almost a year of use I’ve no issues with durability. I would highly recommend this holster to anyone who needs to wear concealed.”

John Romaszka

Romaszka Tactical Training


This statement from another of our Law Enforcement Agents who performs as an undercover officer, name omitted for their protection.

I have been using the Deep Cover holster for both my Glock 22 and 27 for six months. I have used numerous holsters in the past, and carry every day. I had previously given up on the IWB style holsters because of comfort issues, and had resigned myself to wearing a cover garment everywhere. Since I started using the Deep Cover holster, the rest have gone into a box, and I use it exclusively. From off duty concealment to using it on SWAT operations and sniper deployments, I use the holster everyday. It has held up well and is more comfortable and out of the way than wearing a belt holster. I plan on getting one for every gun I carry. Thanks for a great product, and keep up the good work.

Police Officer and SWAT team member


Another statement from one of our agents with DHS, name omitted for their protection.

"The Deep Cover holster designed by Greg Purcell is very comfortable to wear. The holster design allows the weapon to be easily concealed under any conditions: t-shirt, dress shirt, jacket, and tucked or untucked. The Deep Cover holster clip design also allow it to be easily put on and take off without removing the belt. I use this holster on duty numerous times when I'm looking for something that helps hide my weapon. I like this holster and will continue to use it in my line of work."

Agent with DHS


A recent email from another satisfied customer:

You make a great holster. I ordered my first one for my Glock 27 and didn't like the the fit because of the width of the gun and trying to fit it inside my waist band. I sent it back and you sent me one for my S&W bodyguard which is much thinner. I was impressed that you did not charge me anything, not even shipping for the exchange. That is great customer service.

I have worn the holster several times and it is the most comfortable holster I have ever worn and the quality and craftsmanship is very nice. Thanks for a great product and service.

Have you thought of putting a Facebook share button on your website? I'ld like to share your holsters with some friends.

Thanks again,

Bob Kennedy

Butler, Pa




Thanks to all our customers that have supported us.